Our vision is to ensure that all youth on the Greater Peninsula have an abundance of resources available to contribute to them becoming a successful part of the emerging workforce. Check out our many resources and programs below that can assist you in meeting your future goals.


Our vision is to ensure that all youth on the Greater Peninsula have access to a broad array and comprehensive community of needed services and resources as they prepare for and/or begin to transition into employment as part of the emerging workforce. Check out the many resources, programs and partnerships below that are available to assist youth with achieving their workforce goals.

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New Horizons Regional Education Center

Youth Workforce Center

520 Butler Farm Road

Hampton, VA  23666

Eligibility Requirements for In-School Programs

  • Students between the ages of 16-21
  • Students currently classified in the 11th or 12th grade
  • Qualifiers under low income, food stamps, public assistance, free/reduced lunch, and/or disability
  • Students under one or more of the following challenges the affect educational success

    • Deficient in basic literacy skills/numeracy skills; English language learner
    • No permanent housing or foster child
    • Previous or current court/legal matters
    • Has a disability
    • Pregnant or parenting
    • Is an individual who needs additional assistance to complete an educational program or secure and hold employment

Sponsored Services for In-School Programs

  • Tutoring and Academic Assistance
  • Leadership Development
  • Performance Achievement Incentives
  • Work Experience activities, to include paid and unpaid opportunities, during the school year and summer.

Eligibility Requirements for Out-of-School Programs

  • Individuals between the ages of 17-24
  • Falls under one or more of the following categories:
    • Low income as defined by federal income limits
    • Deficient in basic literacy/numeracy skills
    • Lacks a high school diploma or GED
    • No permanent housing or foster child
    • Pregnant or parenting
    • Previous or current legal matters
    • Has a disability
    • Is an individual who needs assistance to complete an education program or to secure and hold employment

Sponsored Services for Out-of-School Programs

  • Labor market information and career exploration
  • Intensive, one-on-one case management support
  • Employability/Soft Skills Training
  • GED Prep and Tutoring
  • Occupational Skills Training
    • Building Construction Technology
    • Electrical Apprenticeship
    • Welding I and II (Flux Core, ARC)
    • Medical Assistant (Administrative)
    • Pharmacy Technician
    • Dental Assistant
    • Other Technical Training Programs
  • Work Experience and job placement assistance
  • Transportation Assistance for certain programs
  • Career Readiness Certificate (CRC)
  • Additional Support Services provided are specialized tools or uniforms, counseling services, and linkages to community resources

Contact Us

Valencia HugginsProgram Coordinator
757-766-1100, Ext. 3385
Fax: 757-766-0296

Sandy MuthEligibility Specialist
757-766-1100, Ext. 3384
Fax: 757-766-0296

Travis JohnsonTransition Coach 
757-766-1100, Ext. 3386
Fax: 757-766-0296

In-School Programs

Tonya OglesbyIn School Case Manager
757-766-1100, Ext. 3389
Fax: 757-766-0296

Out-of-School Programs

Kimberly SandersOut of School Case Manager
757-766-1100, Ext. 3382
Fax: 757-766-0296

Karla StallworthOut of School Case Manager
757-766-1100, Ext.
Fax: 757-766-0296

Youth Career Expo


An annual event held in partnership with the Virginia Peninsula Chamber of Commerce and the six Greater Peninsula school divisions, the goal of the Expo is to educate students about the amazing diversity of career opportunities in our region and the skills needed to acquire those jobs.

Over 250 volunteers from numerous industries, partners, localities conducted mock interviews with students to help them sharpen their interviewing skills. As part of the interviews, students are provided feedback on their appearances, interview skills and resumes.

Over 60 exhibitors from the region’s best companies will participate from nearly every sector of business including Shipbuilding, Advanced Manufacturing, Government-Public Safety, Finance, Construction, Hospitality, STEM, Defense-Aerospace, Education, Automotive, Green Jobs, Healthcare and Transportation.

The Expo is a great opportunity for businesses to connect with their future workforce and encourage students to acquire the skills they need to be successful in the workplace.

View our 2019 Flyer

For more information about this or future Expos, please contact Rita Bond at the Board office, 757-826-3327.