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NOTE:  Print each assessment’s results for your records and to be given to your assigned Career Planner.

To help streamline your first visit with a Career Planner, please bring any of the applicable documentation needed for eligibility determination.

Both Programs:

  • Proof of citizenship and/ or right to work:
    • Birth Certificate, Passport, INS Alien Card
  • Proof of Social Security Number:
    • Social security card or letter from Social Security Administration with social security account number (SSAN) listed
  • Proof of Residence:
    • Driver’s license, utility bill, rent receipt/ lease or department of social services records
  • Proof of Selective Services:
    • Required for all males born after December 31, 1959 (must have valid social service number for online verification)
    • If you are a veteran, you must have a DD Form 214

Adult Program (as applicable):

  • Proof of wage/ Household Income Information
    • Pay Stubs, W-2 form DSS record, child support/ alimony payment, social security/ veteran award letter; unemployment benefits record, direct deposit statement
    • DRS record (include a printout of your food stamp and/ or TANF payment history obtained from the Department of Human Services)

Dislocated Worker Program (as applicable):

  • Letter of Layoff/ Termination
    • From employer on employer’s letterhead (Letter must include your name
      and the company name)
    • Federal Form 50 if you are a government employee
  • Other possible documents:
    • Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders, Separation orders, DD Form 214 (for veterans 48 months after separation), or Letter from Command verifying transition within 180 days